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One Person Company Registration
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Do you want to take on less responsibility when launching your own company? If yes, then it’s a wise decision to register as an OPC. The OPC registration process is one of the simplest corporate organizations to manage in India if the business has just one owner.

OPC is a cross between an individual company and a corporation. It can fulfil its obligations under the Companies Act in terms of compliance because of certain exemptions. Its compliance duties are not as strict as those of a Private Limited Company (PLC).

Important Things to Keep in Mind

Important things to keep in mind while registering one person company

  • There is just one member.
  • The smallest paid-up share capital does not have a cap.
  • The name of the person who will become an OPC member in case of the owner’s death or inability to contract will be disclosed in the subscriber’s memorandum.
  • The other individual whose name appears in the memorandum must provide prior written approval in the required format. At the time of registration, the same must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies.
  • The option to revoke permission may be granted to the other individual.
  • The OPC member may, at any time, modify the name of that other individual by providing the business with advance notice.

Essential Requirements for OPC Company Registration

  • At least one director, nominee, and shareholder.
  • A director and a shareholder might be the same person.
  • One lakh rupees will be the minimum authorized share capital.
  • It does not require any capital.
  • There must be one Indian resident among the Designated Directors.
  • DPIN/DIN for every Partner.
  • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for a single sponsor and a single witness.

OPC Registration Process

one person company registration process

Step 1: Applying for DSC

  • Select an Accrediting Body (CA): Choose a Certifying Authority (CA) that is licensed and authorised to provide Digital Signature Certificates in the Indian market, such as Sify, NSDL, or e-Mudhra.
  • Complete the DSC Application: Download the DSC application from the website of the selected CA. Complete the appropriate fields with your contact information, personal information, and proof of documents.
  • Offer Corresponding Documents: Add copies of the necessary documents that have been self-attested. Identity proof can include Aadhaar card, passport, or PAN card. Proof of address can include passports, voter ID cards, utility bills, or bank statements.
  • Verify the Documents: Get a gazetted official or bank manager to certify your application form and any accompanying documentation to guarantee its legitimacy.
  • Send in the Application: Apply online or in person at the CA’s office with the completed paperwork and the certified papers.
  • Process for Verification: The documents and papers submitted will be checked by the CA. This might involve a video or in-person verification process.
  • Pay Now: To get the DSC issued, pay the necessary fee. The cost varies according to the validity duration (1, 2, or 3 years) and the type of DSC (Class 2, Class 3, etc.).
  • Get the DSC: The DSC will be sent upon payment and successful verification. You may download it or have it forwarded to the email address you registered with.

Step 2: To Acquire DIN

  • Acquire the Certificate of Digital Signature (DSC): A DSC is necessary for the DIN application process, so make sure you have one.
  • Open the MCA Portal: Go to to access the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) portal.
  • Complete the SPICe+ form: Download the SPICe+ form (Simplified Proforma for Electronically Incorporating a Company). A section of the form lets you request a DIN.
  • Give the Necessary Details: Provide personal information such as your name, address, birth date, and phone number. Submit documentation of your identification and residence, such as a utility bill, PAN card, passport, or Aadhaar card.
  • Attach DSC: To validate the information you have supplied, attach your DSC to the form.
  • Send in the Form: Fill out the SPICe+ form and submit it online using the MCA portal.
  • Cover the Fees: As directed by the MCA, pay the relevant DIN application fee.
  • Validity and Granting of Permission: The information and papers submitted will be checked by the MCA. After a successful verification process, the DIN will be assigned and sent by email.

Step 3: Name Reservation

  • Submit Form 1: Form 1 is submitted to reserve the possible OPC’s name. You will receive a list of business names that closely resemble the names of already-existing companies or OPCs, based on the search parameters you entered.
  • Select Distinct Names: This will assist you in selecting names that are distinct from those that currently exist. Six names must be entered into Form 1 in the order of choice. Company name approval will follow official government guidelines.

Step 4: OPC Registration

  • Application for Registration: The application for the OPC’s registration is Form 2. When filling out Form 2, ensure all the data is accurately entered.
  • Digital Signature: A selected partner with a DIN who is listed in the incorporation document must digitally sign the paper.
  • Registrar’s Satisfaction: If the registrar is satisfied with the form submission, the proposed OPC will be registered.
  • Processing Time: OPC registration takes 15 to 20 days, depending on the time the government takes to process applications and receive the required paperwork.

Step 5: Submit the OPC Agreement

  • Submission for Approval: The SPICe+Form will be sent to the MCA website for approval together with all the attached papers, including the SPICe+MOA and SPICe+ AOA. Forms 49A and 49B will be prepared for the Company’s PAN and TAN creation.
  • Upload to MCA: Upon successful form approval, these forms must be uploaded to MCA once the proposed Director’s DSC is attached.
  • Certificate of Registration: The ROC will provide a Certificate of Registration upon successful verification, allowing you to start your own company.

Having Trouble Registering For OPC?

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