Sanstha Aadhaar (Formerly known as BRN)

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Sanstha Aadhaar Registration (Formerly known as BRN Registration)

A BRN typically refers to a Business Registration Number. This is a unique identifier assigned to a business by a government agency or a corporate registry. It is used for official identification and in many jurisdictions is required for tax purposes, legal documentation, and other formal business activities.

The Business Register, now referred to as “Sanstha Aadhaar,” is a comprehensive record that encompasses all enterprise groups, enterprises, and local units actively participating in the nation’s economy. This register forms the fundamental base for the System of National Accounts (SNA) and geographically spans across all States and Union Territories within the scope of the Economic Census in India.

Process for BRN Registration in Jaipur

Documents Required for BRN Registration in Jaipur

PAN Card of Applicant

Aadhaar card of the applicant

Business address proof.

Bank account details of the business.

Signature and Passport Size Photo of Applicant

Advantages of Sanstha Aadhar Registration

Advantages of Sanstha Aadhar Registration​

Registration provides legal recognition to an institution, which is essential for its formal existence. It legitimizes the entity in the eyes of the law and other stakeholders.

Registered entities often become eligible for various government schemes and subsidies that are specifically designed for them. This can include financial assistance, tax exemptions and other support measures.

Financial institutions and investors are more likely to extend credit or funding to registered entities due to their recognized legal status. This can be critical for the growth and expansion of the institution.

Registration enhances the credibility of an institution, which can be crucial for gaining trust among stakeholders, such as members, donors, clients and the public.

The process of registration often requires institutions to adhere to certain governance standards and compliance measures, which can help in establishing a more organized and transparent system of operation.

Who can apply for BRN?


Most jurisdictions charge a fee for processing BRN registration. The amount varies depending on the location and type of business.

The processing time for a BRN can vary but generally takes a few days to a few weeks after submission of all required documents and payment of fees.

Yes, in most jurisdictions, even sole proprietors are required to obtain a BRN for legal business operations.

No, a BRN is different from a tax identification number, though in some cases, one number might serve both purposes. It depends on the country’s regulatory framework.

Depending on the local laws, you might need to obtain a separate BRN for each location or have a single BRN that covers all locations.

Yes, under certain circumstances such as non-compliance with legal requirements, bankruptcy, or closure of the business, a BRN can be revoked or cancelled.

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