PAN Correction

If you’re facing discrepancies in your PAN details, such as incorrect Date of Birth or Name mismatches, Apki Return team can help you rectify these errors efficiently.

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PAN Correction

Correction in a PAN (Permanent Account Number) card refers to any changes or updates that need to be made to the information already provided in the PAN database. This may be necessary in case of errors or changes in personal details.

Types of PAN Correction Applications

There are several types of PAN correction applications in India, depending on the nature of the correction needed. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Name: Correct any discrepancies or typos in your first, middle, or last name.
  • Date of Birth: Update your date of birth if it’s incorrect on your PAN card.
  • Father’s/Mother’s/Spouse’s Name: Correct any errors in the name of your parents or spouse mentioned on the PAN card.
  • Address: Modify your residential or registered office address if it has changed.
  • Photo/Signature: Replace outdated or incorrect photo and signature with updated ones.
  • Category of Assessee: Change your PAN category from Individual to Company, Firm, LLP, etc., if applicable.
  • Status (Active/Inactive): Activate an inactive PAN card if you need to start using it again.
  • Duplicate PAN: Apply for cancellation and re-issuance of a PAN card if you find you have duplicates.
  • Typographical Errors: Fix any mistakes in spelling or number formats on your PAN card.
  • Incorrect Numeric Digits: Correct any errors in the 10-digit alphanumeric PAN number itself.
  • Death of PAN Holder: Legal heirs can submit documents for correction and continuation of the PAN for tax purposes in some special situations only.
  • Change in Gender: Individuals who have undergone gender reassignment can apply for PAN update with new identity documents.
  • Each type of application requires specific documents and forms. For details, refer to the official website of the Income Tax Department.
  • You can file PAN correction applications online through the e-filing portal or offline at PAN Service Centres.
  • Processing fees may apply, depending on the type of correction.

Process for Correction in PAN Card

Fill out the ‘Request for New PAN Card or/and Changes or Correction in PAN Data’ form. This can be done either online through the NSDL or UTIITSL website or by obtaining a physical form from a PAN service centre.

Attach supporting documents for the correction. For instance, in case of a name change, provide a copy of a name change affidavit, marriage certificate, or gazette notification.

Pay the requisite fee for processing the correction request.

Submit the application form along with the documents. If applying online, you can submit the form electronically. For offline submissions, the form and documents need to be submitted to a PAN service centre.

After submission, an acknowledgment number is provided which can be used to track the status of the application.

Once processed, the updated PAN card is dispatched to the applicant’s address.


PAN card correction involves making changes or updates to the personal information associated with your PAN card, such as name, date of birth, address, etc.

Corrections are usually needed due to errors in the PAN card, changes in personal details (like after marriage), or updates in contact information.

You can apply for correction online through the NSDL or UTIITSL websites, or offline by filling out the ‘Request for New PAN Card Or/ And Changes Or Correction in PAN Data’ form and submitting it at a PAN services centre.

You’ll need identity proof, address proof, date of birth proof, and the existing PAN card copy. Specific documents depend on the nature of the correction (e.g., marriage certificate for name change after marriage).

Yes, a nominal fee is charged for processing the correction request, which can be paid online or at the service centre.

Yes, you can request changes to your photograph and signature through the correction process.

After submitting the application, it typically takes around 15-20 working days to receive the new PAN card.

No, your PAN number remains the same even after making corrections.

Yes, you can track the application status using the acknowledgment number provided after submitting the correction form.

If errors persist even after the correction process, you will need to reapply for correction with the correct details and supporting documents.

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